June 27 2005

Canada, the United States, and Mexico announced that they
had agreed on a framework to implement the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. Both opponents and proponents of the agreement say that this is the most important step in the integration of North America since NAFTA was signed more than a decade ago. Deep integration, also known as NAFTA plus, will lead to the Americanization of Canadian policies and regulations, and erode the democratic rights of Canadian citizens.

But you CAN take action to oppose deep integration.
Vive le has posted an email form letter you can send to the Industry Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister (both of whom support the agreement), as well as NDP MP Peter Julian who is opposing the agreement.

Just click this link below (or copy/paste it into the address bar) Scroll to the bottom of the new page and fill out your name, email, edit the letter as you see fit and click send. Easy and effective.

And say no to deep integration with George W. Bush's America!
Please take a moment to pass this link on to your friends, family and
contacts. The more people who participate, the better chance we have to be

Vive le Canada! This country is not for sale!

June 2005
Goodbye King Coal
Congratulations Ontario for shutting down a coal burning power station in the GTA. This will make an impact in the amount of smog being emmitted into the air! This is a good step towards reducing our emmissions, although it's going to take effort from everyone to ensure suitable air quality for future generations.

Visit to learn more about what the province is currently doing to clean up our air, and what you can do.

Pesticides, not on these dandelions...
Hurrah Peterborough, Ontario for being the next city onboard to implement a cosmetic pesticide ban. Harmful chemicals should not be used lightly, for something as trivial as a lawn. Your life or your lawn, get your priorities straight. When will London join the rapidly growing list of municipalities to stand up for the health of their citizens, pets and wildlife.




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