There are many positive ways you can get involved in the shift away from fossil fuels to a more sustainable lifestyle. Start by focusing on your own community. By shopping locally, you are supporting your friends and neighbours and helping to stabilize incomes and production so local businesses can be maintained.

Try to purchase items made in Canada whenever possible. Spend the extra time to seek these items out and support companies that provide made in Canada options. When companies outsource it means job loss here and environmental and human right abuses where the production has moved.

There is a hidden cost to outsourced goods that make it worth the extra money to buy the "Made in Canada'" alternative.

Reduce the amount of goods you consume and waste you produce.
Choose items with little or no packaging. Before buying items, ask yourself 'Do I really need this?' Can I borrow one from a friend? Can I find one second hand? This planet has a limited amount of resources on it. Corporations have been exploiting natural resources as if they were a bottomless cookie jar. The more useless junk we buy today, the less vital resources will be available tomorrow.


Start or join a Community Garden

Reuse items instead of throwing away

Get things fixed

Ride a bike

Create art from 'trash'

Bring your own bags

Bring your own container for takeout

Compost & Recycle

Start your own greywater system

Get active in your community


What measures have you taken to reduce the waste you produce?














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