Where you choose to live greatly determines your impact on this earth. Inefficient homes being built in subdivisions across North America are paved over energy consuming boxes, that have names like Riverbend and Killaly Meadows. They claim to be neighbours with nature, but this impeding sprawl does nothing to benefit it's surroundings.

By insisting to new home builders that we want sustainable communities to be built, they will realize that the demand has changed. They only build what will sell, and if we are crazy enough to keep buying these inefficient homes, they'll keep building 'em.

Here's the beginning of a list of things that you can do to keep your existing home as efficient as possible, saving energy and money. They range from quick and easy tips to larger scale changes, both which will have a positive effect on you and your environment.

Weather-stripping - An easy way to prevent drafts in your home and drastically reduce heating costs. Do-it-yourself instructions to apply weather-stripping in your home.

Lightbulbs - Are you sick of changing lightbulbs in your house once a month? Buy compact fluorescent bulbs. The initial cost will be a bit more than the conventional bulb, but these things will last years and years. They also use less power and you'll see the difference on your electric bill. Check out the stats.

Another way to reduce power consumption is to turn off lights in rooms you are not using. Having a light on all day, in an unoccupied room is wasteful. The television is another power guzzler that is often left unattended. Turn off the tube!

Install new windows - Our landlord was nice enough to get new windows installed when we moved in. We noticed the difference as soon as the first new window was in the frame. New windows aren't cheap, but neither is gas to heat your home, and when that heat is sucked out of old drafty windows, you lose.

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