I have just realized, that as John Lennon has said, we have never given peace a chance.

I can't believe that we keep killing each other so mercilessly. I can't believe that we still volunteer to serve in the army, to kill and be killed according to somebody's orders. I can't believe that students sell themselves to the army for tuition money.

I believe that we, as a people, need to show other nations that we respect them, that we tolerate their chosen way of life, and that we are not interested in fighting wars. We need to be satisfied with what we have and protest our government's attempts to attack and conquer other nations.

Violence is not easily forgotten and almost always leads to revenge and retaliation. In this way, violence is a cycle that, once started, is almost impossible to stop.


The news of the war in the media has not given us an accurate picture of what war is. Regardless of race, skin color, geographical location, or religion, all human beings are the same. We all suffer in the same way, love the ones close to us, and shed the same tears.

Disclaimer: The websites below contain graphic images of war victims. The websites below are not in anyway affiliated with the GlobalSurvival.ca website. We are not responsible for the content of those sites. We are linking to them for educational purposes only. The links will open in new windows.

        ~ Pictures of Destruction and Civilian Victims of the Anglo-American            Aggression in Iraq (March / April 2003)

20 pages of photos on the above website

        ~ Photos of injured women and children

The link above is a subsection of the website for the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) containing some photos of injured women and children. The main gallery is here.

       ~ The Iraq War

A website about the war in Iraq, containing many graphic pictures.

        ~ Ongoing war in Azerbaijan

Above is a link to a website related to the war in Azerbaijan, complete with photos and videos

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