American Dilemma

April-May 2003

“You won, you won,” he exclaimed,
Cheerleading from one side of his mouth.
Granting victory before the game,
The game of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

He did not listen,
That Son of a Bush.
The game started
When it did not need to.

Stars & Stripes used to
“Shoot first, ask questions later.”
Now, as an advanced civilization,
They “Bomb first and inspect later”.

It’s invasion for democracy,
But Kuwait is still aristocracy.
Watch out Syria & Iran.
Do not interfere in our Iraq.

Timing is everything, in life.
Cart before the horse makes the difference.
Shoot first or Bomb first?
Bomb first or shoot first?

For us, Canadians it is UN first!
UN first, UN first, UN first!

Chaitanya  Kalevar
April-May 03
416 657 8421[T/F]

Overkill Capacity of Arms Industry

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