Oil for thought
August 31, 2005

Oil, Oil, Oil
Oil for car
Oil for SUV
Oil for my old rusty bike

Oil, Oil, Oil
Oil for plane
Oil for boat
Oil for my creaky door hinge

Oil, Oil, Oil
Oil for brand new hummer
Oil for deep sea trawler
Save some for Emergency

1 liter of gas
For 4 liters of milk
Cheap oil bargain
For lazy & obese again

1 barrel of beer
For happiness and fun
50 barrels of oil
Needs ammunition and gun

Ecological capital
Of the millennium
Goes up in smoke,
Icebergs of millennium

Oil, Oil, crude oil
Canada, Venezuela
Iraq, Saudi Arabia
U Have it, SOB wants it.

Use it for milk, or
Keep it for emergency.
Use it and loose it.
Or save for 7th generation.

Oil, Oil, Oil!

Chaitanya Kalevar
416 657 8421

Global Warming



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