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We meet in comfortable environments, whether in homes, studios or parks and so far we have started a collaborative quilt, held a board game social, baking days and participated in the Regional Social Forum by having a super fun art booth and allowing everyone a chance to join in.

We hope to hold more workshops and possible have a art show or other festivities in the future.  If you are interested in planning something contact: lwac2006@yahoo.ca

{2009 Events }

Miaow! Miaow! - London's first DIY Indie Womyn's Festival
A celebration of local artists, writers, musicians and debaters
May 22 at E.V.A.C. - 757 Dundas Street
May 23rd at Black Shire Pub - Talbot Street (at Dufferin)


Dreamy Thursdays - Crafting day at the East Village Arts Cooperative. Come to 757 Dundas Street on Thursday afternoons (1-5pm) to craft and create!

Themes and projects change from week to week, so contact lwac@riseup.net to find out what the craft of the week is, kinds of things to bring, or you are welcome bring your current project to work on. Donations to EVAC are appreciated, so we can keep the space open.

Monday Night KnitWits: We are currently meeting at Cafe One at 8:30 Monday evenings, although some nights we mix it up and go to quiz night at the Black Shire or elsewhere. Contact us to get the scoop.

{Past Events }

Annual baking days (usually before the festive season). mmm cookies.

Saturday April 21, 2007

Earth Celebratory Clean up & Garbage Sculture Party!

Let's clean up the Black Friars Flood Plain, create a fabulous  garbage sculpture and make an importnat statement about waste and litter in our waterways.  Meet at Black Friars Flood Plain - the end of Napier Street at 1:30- PM on Saturday April 21, 2007.  Bring gloves, bags, water and friends.

I'm pleased to announce the date of our next Crochet Workshop. It will take place on Saturday, January 20th from 2-4PM at Melissa's house (Blackfriars area). (need directions?) Come on out to learn how to crochet, help teach others skills, share techniques and each others company. All skill levels welcome! 

If you prefer to knit or have another art project your would like to work on, you're more than welcome to bring that instead. Please bring along any extra worsted wool or crochet hooks, if you have some lying around. Caroline W. will be leading the class. (Thanks Caroline!) Send us a quick e-mail if you plan on coming or call Melissa 519-936-2063.

Sunday 17th, we will be baking cookies at Melissa's house between 1 PM - 5 PM.   Come share the warmth of my oven, delicious recipes, cookie swap and good times!  Please bring ingredients and cookware.  I have some to share, but limited supply. Join in the baking festivities, in time for the holidays!

Crochet Workshop, taking place on Saturday, December 16th from 2-4PM at Melissa's house (need directions?) 
If you would like to learn how to crochet, help teach others skills, share techniques and each others company, come on over. All skill levels welcome!  If you have any crochet needles or worsted wool, please bring it along. Erica was kind enough to share her know-how and teach us how to crochet.

October 12th 2006 at 7PM.  We will meet at Project Solidarity Studio (need directions?) to participate a silk-screening workshop (no charge).  Come on out and learn how to silk-screen. A few of us have had some practice now and want to spread the fun - or spread paint through a very fine screen. Here's what you should bring:

- A pre-made stencil, use vellum or thicker paper and cut out a shape where you want the paint to show on your fabric. Do something simple if it's your first try!
- A piece of fabric to put your design on
- A piece of cardboard about 16" square to stretch your fabric over
- A plastic bag to keep things tidy
- Masking or Painters Tape
- A pencil
- Fabric paint
- dish soap/simple green for clean-up
- If you have a silk-screen bring it! (we'll need to share)
- same with silk-screening kits

Don't worry if you don't have everything on this list, bring what you can, we'll share the rest. Please let us know if you have any art supplies you are willing to contribute. We really appreciate reusing fabric, paper and other materials. We have a message board happening about this event here:  http://londoncommons.net/forum/52
It's fun, you gotta come try it!

SUNDAY OCTOBER 22nd 3PM - Afternoon Art Social!
Melissa's house (need directions?)
Join us to participate in an fun art activities. We'll have painting, knitting, sketching and other materials available. Bring your current art project or start something new. This is a chance to get together with fellow members of LWAC, meet eachother or catch up, and create some fabulous art. What a positive experience it will be! Please RSVP & bring a snack to share if you can.  

We really appreciate reusing fabric, paper and other materials. We have a message board happening about this event here: