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Welcome to the
London Women's Artist Collective

{ About LWAC }

We are a group of artists from the London area with a wide range of talents, skill and creative passions.  We meet frequently to paint, sew, knit, discuss, play, admire and inspire. 


Please join us by signing up to our mailing list.  There is no charge to join and it's a chance to make some wonderful friends who teach and learn together.

Our artistic focus is based on "Women, Art & the Environment".
If any or all of those topics interest you then perhaps you would like to come to one of our get-togethers and find out what we are all about.

We often design art projects around this theme, and express & empower ourselves through the art medium.

No matter your artistic method or experience level or age, we invite you to participate with us.

There is no fee to join the collective and don't pass yourself off as not being artistic enough.  The group is from all backgrounds of life, all ages, with varying skill levels. We are all learning and experimenting and teaching each other whatever methods we know, while having a fantastic time.

We embrace the spiritual gain which artistic creativity yields. 
The calming powers of knitting, the feeling of pride after creating an article of clothing, the empowerment that friendship brings. 

Let's bring women's crafts and skills to the forefront and be proud and excited about what we can accomplish.

Visit our forum page at http://londoncommons.net/forum/52

{ Contact } lwac2006@yahoo.ca for more info,
event updates & to sign up on our mailing list
New members always welcome!!