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EVAC's purpose is to support art and creativity in the East Village and greater London community, by providing inclusive, accessible and affordable gallery/creative space, resources, workshops and events. To discover more about EVAC, explore the top menu items.

We host a wide variety of concerts, exhibits, workshops, installations and community groups, working with the neighbourhood population artists and organizations to strengthen community ties and the local art/music scenes. Details about EVAC's programming can be found on the left side menu.

We are a cooperatively run, grassroots organization committed to providing a safe, inclusive, respectful, creative environment to our members and greater community. Our programming often reflects the needs, desires and struggles of people in the neighbourhood. Our goal is to not be an exclusive art gallery for the wealthy elite, but a creative space where music can be made, canvases painted, ideas shared, minds enriched and hearts warmed, no matter your age or income.

Our open hours are Thursday 1pm-5pm, and by chance or appointment.

EVAC can be found East of Adelaide at 757 Dundas Street. East Village Arts Co-op

The EVAC board meets every Sunday at 6pm. If you are interested in learning more, booking a show, donating or getting involved please contact us!

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