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Arts & Crafts
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As a multimedia artist,
the computer is not my only tool.

I also knit, crochet, paint, draw, animate, silk-screen, sew, bake, garden, play instruments, create! We are all artists in some way or another and should embrace creativity in all aspects of life.

Owl in Charcoal
..:: Owl in Charcoal - Original $50 ::..
Prints Available

..:: Collage - Original $30 ::..
Prints Available


Arts Shows
~ Paintings & Drawings NFS ~

Spooky Action At A Distance Art Show
..:: Spooky Action at a Distance ::..
Multimedia Art by Melissa Parrott
November 2016

East Village Arts Collective.
.:: East Village Arts Collective - Unified Fields Art Show 2016 ::..

Unified Fields

..:: Unified Fields ::..
A multimedia art exhibit by Melissa Parrott

October 2014 describes the Unified Field Theory (aka the Theory of Everything) as the long-sought means of tying together all known phenomena to explain the nature and behavior of all matter and energy in existence. The Unified Fields art exhibit was the long-sought means of tying together the multimedia works of artist Melissa Parrott (aka Msmediafrenzy). Featuring paintings, photography, posters, graphic design, textiles, audio and video elements, the show highlighted the relationship and connection of art and nature using a variety of creative methods. The exhibit took place at the East Village Arts Collective - 757 Dundas Street. There is a pre-launch sneak peek on Friday October 3rd, 6pm - 7:30 pm and the official opening will be Saturday October 4th, 7-10pm. The exhibit ran for the month of October. It was featured in the London Yodeller.

Acrylic on wood

I've illustrated a children's story!
Did some bookbinding too!

Farmer Judy
Commissioned Illustration from "Farmer Judy"


Devious Smirk
..::Devious Smirk::..
Pastel and Watercolour

Elemental Woman
..::Elemental Goddess::..

London Women's Artist Collective

Founded in Spring of 2006 by a group of local women, LWAC evolved into a collective of over 70 members.  We had workshops, events, showcases and a lot of fun!  I created a web site and business card for LWAC, which is no longer meeting regularly, but many friendships and collaborations came out of the project.  LWAC was great way to learn new skills and enhance the community while meeting new people with similar interests. Visit us on facebook.

Watercolour pencil crayon & charcoal

How many species can you spot?


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